CREFC/ BPF joint events: UK moratorium news (and two webinars)

Don't miss these two webinars run by CREFC and BPF on the UK moratorium. Click for more info and to register.

New laws and code to resolve remaining COVID-19 commercial rent debts

On 9th November 2021 BEIS announced that they will be introducing the Commercial Rents (Coronavirus) Bill, to resolve the remaining commercial rent debts accrued due to the pandemic.

AREF’s superb Pub-chat Podcast series draws to a close……

Government Call for Evidence on commercial rent and Covid-19 and BPF initiative

The Government wishes to better understand how landlords and tenants are responding to the build-up of rent arrears that has occurred as a result of businesses being unable to trade normally during the pandemic.

Member Drop in call - for Fund Managers

Throughout 2020 and into 2021 Paul Richards has hosted a member drop in call, this is an informal chat with fund managers about issues affecting them throughout the pandemic.

Government announces further support for commercial and residential tenants

The Government has extended the moratorium on commercial landlords’ right to forfeiture for the non-payment of rent to Wednesday 30th June. Click for more information

IOSCO Survey on Liquidity Risk Management Recommendations and Responses to COVID-19

To inform both the Thematic Review of the Recommendations for Liquidity Risk Management for Collective Investment Schemes and the Joint Analysis with FSB, IOSCO has issued a Market Participants' Survey. Click for more information.

AREF Roundtable with RICS to discuss independent review of valuation practices

The review will examine the way valuations of property assets for investment purposes are conducted and make recommendations to ensure valuation practices remain robust and fit for purpose.

Managing Director Update - February 2021

IA EU update - Portugal’s presidency of the Council of the EU

The Portuguese Presidency places heavy emphasis on the economic recovery post-Covid as well as on the dual digital and green transitions which have now been placed at the heart of Europe’s recovery.

Annual Dinner cancelled for 2021

We are sad to announce that due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19, the AREF Annual Dinner at The Guildhall on 30th March is cancelled.

Material uncertainty declarations are not generally required due to the latest UK lockdowns

This recommendation is subject to the terms and criteria set out on the Forum’s webpage. Discretion in all cases remains with the valuer.

December message from our Managing Director, Paul Richards

Our events through the global pandemic, by Clare Whyte, Marketing Manager at AREF

"Six months on from the UK entering lockdown, I thought it would be useful to review the events we’ve held & more importantly, outline what we have planned"

RICS recommends a general 'lifting' of material valuation uncertainty clauses on all UK real estate

Paul Richards, Managing Director of AREF said: "We welcome the lifting of the material uncertainty clause as one step on the path back...

FCA rules and fund suspensions due to material valuation uncertainty

Click to read which type of funds are affected by new FCA rules on fund suspensions due to material uncertainty.

FCA to consult on open-ended daily dealt property funds

Chris Woolard, Interim Chief Executive at the FCA gave a speech announcing the FCA’s intention to openly consult on potential policy options to better manage the liquidity mismatch of open-ended daily dealt property funds.

Accounting issues in respect of the treatment of rental income & distributions for funds

In recent weeks a number of members have raised a possible accounting issue over the treatment of rental income and the impact on distributions. Click to read more...

Member only content

For member comment: Code of Practice for Commercial Property - Final version released

View the final version of this code, released by the Government

Remote working in a post-coronavirus environment: FutureGen Whitepaper

In this whitepaper, the FutureGen Committee aims to look at how remote working has affected young professionals, whether this trend is here to stay, and what more our employers can be doing to help during such unprecedented times.

Member only content

For comment: Draft Government Code of Practice for Commercial Property

AREF's Online Information Hub and Discussion Forum

The Coronavirus Centre is a one-stop-shop for members including the Info Hub, discussion forum, all related articles and events.

Member only content

Post-event materials: AREF Investor Member event - Listed Real Estate and Valuations - 19 May 2020

Click to view the slides from this event

FutureGen Network Survey: Remote working in a post-coronavirus environment

The FutureGen Committee are holding a survey about working from home practices across the FutureGen Network

Member only content

Survey - Landlord/ tenant relationship

We would like to ensure we have a good understanding of our members' approaches to tenants so that we can sensibly discuss the issues facing member funds.

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